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Rising Scholars has created an environment that encourages the children to learn and grow. Our classrooms are designed to help the children thrive.The curriculum will empower them to reach goals, learn manners, share, work together as a group. each classroom has learning materials throughout the room that meets the children’s developmental stages.

Our staff members are experienced, loving and kind. Each one understands the importance of getting down on child’s level. It will build communication and trust between the teacher and child.

Our mission is to nurture, teach and protect your children. 

You will feel the warmth of our school as soon as you walk through our doors. Our center has a small child ratio which allows our teachers to focus on them closely.

We strive to teach your children scholastically but we also desire to teach your children values such as patience, respect, kindness which will grow into a well balanced adult.

We want to assist you as much as possible in raising your precious packages and encouraging them to excel.